Some pictures from the fall semester

We had a busy fall in the lab at Wooster. Below I've posted a couple pictures of students attending a couple meetings.  First, three students (Noah, Petra, and Mike) attended the mGluRs meeting (Midwest/Great Lakes undergraduate Neuroscience Research Symposium).  Here's some pictures of them presenting.

Noah and Petra presenting their joint poster at mGluRs

Mike presenting at mGluRs.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures of the four students (Carolina, Ginelle, Allie, and Mike) who attended the Midwest Regional Fly Meeting (link), but wanted to make sure those students were acknowledged here as well.  It was quite the adventure, since the meeting was held in Indiana. We left on Friday after classes and returned Sunday! Everyone at both meetings did a fantastic job presenting and I'm very excited to see the final product at the end of the IS process this semester!