Summer Research

We are off to another great start on summer research here at The College of Wooster.  There are currently five students working in the lab on various projects ranging from neurodevelopment to a fly model of Alzheimer's Disease.  The lab students are also able to participate in some great experiences thanks to an NSF-funded REU experience that is also going on this summer (  Below is a picture of our first trip up to the OARDC confocal.  Gargi thought this was a pretty good image, so she's also taking a picture on her phone :).  Here she is looking at the results of an immunofluorescence experiment to analyze the structure of a region of the fly brain called the mushroom bodies.  A number of the projects in our lab are focused on understanding the function and development of this brain region.  Interestingly, the proteins and cellular processes that are important for development of the fly brain are also critical for correct development in vertebrates too (the overall result is much different, but the way the individual proteins work is pretty similar).